Studio Policy

Tuition for Violin, Piano, and Viola Lessons: 

30 min – $30
45 min – $45
60 min – $60

  • This tuition is expected to be paid on the first scheduled lesson of each month.
  • If a student misses a lesson with 24 hour notice, either make up lesson will be scheduled within the same month or the credit will apply to the next month.
  • Recital Fees:  Participating in a recital teaches life time lessons.  Set your goal, work for it and accomplish.  Annual Recital will be held in June of each year which all the students are strongly encouraged to participate.  The non refundable fee for this recital is $25 per student.  Other small recitals or activities will be held for different age groups, situation, and purposes.  The non refundable fee for this recital is $10 per participating student.

    Absence/Make-Up Lesson:  Students are responsible to notify the teacher if she/he cannot keep their scheduled lesson at least 24 hours in advance.  If the students do not show up at the scheduled lesson without any notice, there will be no make-up lesson or credit for the missed lesson.  Teacher reserves a right to cancel or reschedule lessons due to other professional commitment with 24 hour notice.

    Before or After Each Lesson:  The students are expected to arrive on time or closer to their scheduled time.  They are also expected to be picked up right after the lesson.  It is permitted for the parents to leave the studio during the scheduled lesson time of his/her children as long as they can return on time to pick up their children.

    Quietness:  When the parents and students enter the studio, they are expected to keep their voice low and stay as quite as possible, being respectful of the learning environment.  Due to the studio layout, the conversational noise distracts and disturbs the lesson directly. 

    Practice:  Students are expected to come to each lesson well prepared with at least 3 practiced days a week.  As the students advance with their playing, they are expected to practice 45 min. a day and closer to 7 days a week.  Parents are asked to encourage and remind the children with their daily practice.  Teacher has the right to discontinue taking any student who shows lack of preparation persistently.

    Studio Location and Other Information:

    9849 Delray Dr. Montgomery, OH  45242


    Seeing someone growing musically is my passion, fulfilled every time I teach.

    -Haejin Kim-

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