1. All Ensemble Recital

Date: October 19, Sunday 4 pm
Location: Evendale Cultural Arts Center
Fee: $15 per student (please include it in the October tuition)

There will be no dress rehearsal for this one and call time is 3:45 pm at the location.
I invited parents and siblings of the students to perform in the recital as a group. It will be a fun time.

2. There will be no class during the week of Thanksgiving Day and the two weeks of Sycamore school district winter break (Dec. 22 2014 – Jan. 3 2015). The calsses will resume on Monday, 5th.

3. Winter Recital I (previously called December Recital) for the students who are in 3rd grade and younger will be on December 21 Sunday. Location and the time will be informed later. For those whose child/children are in this group, please let me know if there is a conflict with the date. Fee will be $15.

4. Following change is applied to new students and will be applied to current students starting January 2015.

Tuition: $30 for 30 min., $45 for 45 min., $60 for 60 min.
Registration Fee: None
Divided (Optional) Recital Fee: $10 per student

* June Recital fee remains the same as $25 per student.