Jasmine Flowers

This is a rehearsal of Jasmine Flowers. I played piano and arranged the music. Three other musicians on the recording are musically talented engineers of GE – Charles on Chinese two-stringed instrument called Er Hu, Coco on voice and Diana on flute. We were preparing a rehearsal of a performance for APAF Regional Summit at GE.


I am still in the spirit of the recital yesterday.  I want to congratulate all the performers for their achievements from hard work and the parents who provided continuous support with their children’s music education.  What you have seen yesterday is the fruit of team work – students, parents and the teacher.  It was such a rewarding moment for me as an instructor.
Learning an instrument is one thing but, performing is another level of learning that is beneficial in many areas of our daily living.  As a mom of two performers from yesterday’s recital, I was really happy to see my girls standing in front of everyone and have courage to produce what they have practiced in private.
I hope everyone feels good about what they have accomplished and are inspired to move on to our next one coming up shortly!