Announcement on Change of Location

Dear families,

I would like to inform you that there will be a change in location of my studio starting mid December 2012.

The lease of the current location in Evendale will be expiring soon. I considered thoughtfully on many factors before I renew another year or more. The biggest factor that influenced my decision was my family. (I couldn’t help thinking as a mom.)

For over 15 years of my career as a private instructor, I have always taught at home where I had my girls under my supervision. Past year was the first time that I had a separate location to work. There were many adjustments required from my family to allow me to work away from home, including my girls (6 and 10 years old) going to after school program, spending some evenings at home alone, rushing my husband to be out of work to pick the girls up from the after school program around six, etc..

On some rainy evenings in the past with thunders and lightening, I got calls during the lesson hours from my daughter asking me when I would come home, feeling scared. Those time surely makes me think if I am doing the right thing.

Teaching is my passion but, I am also a mom. I don’t consider either one any less than the other. That is why I came up with this decision, to teach where I can be with my children.

Some of you have already been to my house and some of you are currently coming to my house for classes since I teach at home on Mondays.

Here is my address. 9849 Delray Dr. Montgomery, OH 45242

I know this location would be closer to some of you and vice versa to others. I am sorry for any inconvenience for those who would have to travel extra miles. We can discuss on any possible adjustments or alternatives to make this easier.

There is a room in my house that is currently used as a sun room. It has a separate entrance from the drive way. I will be renovating that space into a studio and planning to have that ready by December 19. That is when the lease at the current location will terminate.

There are will pros and cons to every situation. I am aware of possible downside of this change for myself and some of you. However, I believe there would be advantages also. My priorities at this point of my life leads. I am sure it will change ten years from now once my children are all grown.

I appreciate your cooperation and understanding with this transition in advance. I also ask your patience as you and your children adjust to the change. I promise to put my every effort into my time with your child/children to make it as valuable as it can be no matter where we are.

Please feel free to discuss any matters on this with me.


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