Announcement for the Recital (6/17/12)

Hello, Families

We have an exciting event ahead of us.  This will be a wonderful time to get altogether and play for each other.I promise we will inspire each other and leave with a good motivation.

The recital is joined by the students of two other teachers, Eunjung Park (cello studio) and Yongsik Kang (Guitar studio), which adds special touch to the program.

Here are a few announcements.

1. Dress Rehearsal Time and Location: June, 16 2012 Saturday 3pm –  5 pm, Evendale Cultural Arts Center (10500 Reading Rd.), Corner of Reading Rd. and Glendale Milford Rd. (The entrance is on Reading Rd.)

We will have a photographer for the dress rehearsal, not the recital.  We will take a picture of individual performance picture  as well as a few group pictures on this day.  I encourage you to wear nice looking clothes just for the pictures.  (no sweat shorts, flip flops, etc.)

We are going to run through the program this day.  Parents can leave the child and return at 5pm but, welcome to stay through the rehearsal to help them get situated.

2.   Recital Time and Location: June, 17 2012 Sunday 3 pm, Evendale Cultural Arts Center

3.  I consider this event as a studio party with music involved since it is difficult to have all the students at one place.  It would be good to meet each other.  As my studio grows, this would become more challenging in the future.

As a teacher, I help the students prepare their piece to perform at perfection.  But, as a performer, I know so well that the perfection doesn’t happen at the performance in reality.  I hope that preparing for the recital would not take the fun out of music making.  We allow mistakes during the performance so that we can learn from it.  This is just a part of learning process, not the end of the progress.

I appreciate your time and support in your child’s music education.

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